Header image of Project Green App Icon & green mountains in background

Project Green

UX/UI Design | Prototyping

Project Green is an app designed to guide people to create and perform tasks to help our environment. Users can share what tasks they’ve completed and see the global impact of others taking the challenge to restore the environment. This app promotes B2B sales to benefit the non-profit Earth Justice. This project included competitive analysis, user research, wireframing, prototyping, and A/B testing.

Role: UX/UI and conceptual art direction.

App Features of Project Green & Mocked Up Phones

App Features

Personas Bio & Pictures

Persona Profiles for App

Branding for Project Green

Branding for Project Green


Process Flow for App

Process Flow

Paper Wireframes with branding

Paper Wireframes

Adobe XD Wireframes made from tweaks to paper wireframes

Adobe XD Wireframes


Branding | Social