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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Motion Graphics | Ad Campaign

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to honor the contributions of iconic Hispanic figures in our society. However, there isn’t enough representation of Hispanics & Latinx in the media today. Bringing these figures to life from a mural not only honors them but celebrates the contributions they’ve made in hopes to inspire the future generations to be seen more in the media.

Role: Illustration, motion graphics, and conceptual art direction


Hispanic Social Influencers

Girl modeling Honor Hispanic Stories shirt.

Shirts sent to influencers to bring attention to the lack of positive representation of Hispanics in the media.
All proceeds would benefit the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

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When award season comes around, there is seldom a nomination for the Latinx community. This experience would launch a week before the Oscars, and become a social activation for aspiring Latinx creators to feel that they are capable of award nominations.

The mock Oscars for honoring Hispanic contributions to Hollywood and the media.

Description of the EMILIOS or mock Oscars.



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