Header image for Enchanted Dinner

Enchanted Dinner

Interactive Experience

Grab your fairy wand or wizard hat and join us for dinner! While moving bowls and plates around the table, creatures appear to come to life. During the process of creating this project I collaborated with Beatrice Zorrilla, and together we made an interactive experience for young children to enjoy. We used Processing, Adobe After Effects, projectors, and web cameras to create a magical encounter.

Role: Motion graphics, coding, and design.

Built With: Color-tracking with Processing.

Branding Guide for Enchanted Dinner

Branding for Enchanted Dinner

Front Banners for Enchanted Dinner at Please Touch Museum

Exhibit Banners at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia

Interior of Please Touch Museum with Enchanted Dinner Branding

Interior Branding


Project Green
UX/UI Design | Prototyping