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Coasty Straws

Client Pitch Campaign

Plastic straws are notably a threat to wildlife and the planet. Coasty is a startup dedicated to selling quality paper products, that are also good for the planet. In order to be at the top of the paper straw market, we called in the opinions of ocean animals themselves. What better than to use products that make you feel good to do good?

Role: Art director & UX/UI
Partners: Laine Cravotta & Keri Stefkovich

Coasty e-commerce Website Walkthrough

Coasty Van

Coasty can ride across the country as they spread word of their Paper Straws and future paper products.

Jojo the Dolphin on Social

Social Finfluencer Jojo the Dolphin, endorses Coasty Straws.

Presentation Deck


Cheetella the #FlaminFestival
Integrated Campaign