B/W picture of Ivette.

Yes I love GIFs.

¡Hola! I’m Ivette. (ee-v-eh-t)

Yes, spelled with an I not a Y.

I distinctly remember my art teacher rolling her cart into my first-grade classroom. There were stacks of colorful paper and all sorts of supplies to create and experiment with. Since then, I’ve always been an artist at heart and love creating things.

Fast forward, and I decided to follow my dreams of becoming an artist in college (much to my immigrant parents worry and head shaking). That’s when I fell in love with advertising.

I believe design has the power to change the world. More so, it is our job to empower those with the stories and tools they need. I want to be part of the change and action towards a better world as a conceptual creative and problem-solver.

When I’m not thinking of creative concepts or designing, you can catch me going on a run, listening to a podcast (I highly recommend Crime Junkie), or eating ice cream. I’m currently looking to join a team as a Junior Art Director or Junior Designer and am open to freelance work. I would love to chat about big ideas or exchange some thoughts.

👋🏽 Connect with me at hola@ivettedesigns.com or on Linkedin.
👀 Check out what I'm making on IG.
🤩 Download my resume.

Thanks for visiting my portfolio! If you’re here for recruiting purposes, definitely also check out the great people at DiverseCreatives.com, CreativeWomenofColor.com, and BlacksWho.Design. Our industry could certainly use some new perspectives.